Advertising Platform - Theme

Advertising Platform - Theme

Advertising Platform - Theme

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With this script you can create your own Advertising Platform.
Read full documentation : Documentation


As an owner you can decide :

  • Allow Both user types : Advertiser / Publisher and create an advertising platform
  • Allow only Advertisers and became a big Publisher
  • Allow only Publishers, and, be one of the biggest Advertisers!

Publisher Features :

  • Create Channels
  • Create Ads
  • Track Views / Clicks
  • Make Money by adding the code into their websites
  • and more…

Advertiser Features :

  • Create Campaigns
  • Create Ads
  • Add money using paypal
  • and more…

Admin Features :

  • Manage Users
  • View Users Ads
  • Give money as bonus.
  • Get bonus back.
  • Disable Ads if is needed
  • View Reported Ads
  • View Statistics
  • Mark Withdrawals Requests As paid
  • Check users for click fraud
  • and more…

For buyers: Please read the documentation!

Do you want to see ads live? Click here :


Change Log

 V 1.5.0
Multiple language system [ received russian translation from : Complique ]
Fixed russian characters [ thanks to Complique that reported this, and also submited an fix ]
Automatically rotate ads if no ads that match your website content
A new links encoding method.


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