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Professional script to earn money from uploading and sharing files.



Professional script to share profits by uploading files or shortening links.

Advertising Platform

Advertising Platform

With this script you can create your own Advertising Platform.

Programming courses

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL, Bootstrap ...

HTML Tutorial

This language can create a simple interface for your site or blog. In this course you will get everything you need to know about HTML

CSS Tutorial

Is a language for designing and adding a beautiful form to an HTML page. In this course you will learn everything about CSS for free. What are you waiting for? Learn now!

JavaScript Tutorial

Is an easy-to-use and learning language that enables you to create animated pages or beautiful HTML page properties. Quick to use, what prevents you from learning?

SQL Tutorial

Is the language of creating databases, contacting them or deleting data, which helps you to create special information for each user of your site and call it whenever you like. It works with PHP often. Easy and simple!

PHP Tutorial

Programming language for many sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others, which can create a complete site with all tools and features, all for free and without restrictions, and can be used framework to facilitate the use. What are you waiting to learn now?

Bootstrap Tutorial

Is one of the most widely used and widely used libraries in the world. It is a ready-made HTML and CSS design that can be developed for personal use because it is open source and can be downloaded and learned easily!