What is Cool Scripts ?

Cool Scripts Is a platform suitable for Developres & Designers & Creators to deploy their elements and sell them with the lowest fees and costs, We provide a wide variety of services such as support, development and quality review, as well as respect for the ownership of files and scripts. We do not accept duplicated or stolen items or do not meet the quality requirements.

How can I buy ?

There are many wonderful scripts available from the world. You can buy many of them via PayPal or bank card. You can pay directly with the fees for some items. Once you complete the payment process you can download the item and start using it with the possibility of downloading the update (if free).

How do I sell ?

If you are a developer or designer and you have a business for sale, our platform is best suited for you. With Cool Scripts you can display your items for sale and access money to your PayPal account once your customers have completed his purchase, you will be paid at the end of the month with our fees and PayPal charges.

What do I sell & how much I earn?

These are the most important things you can sell :
  • Scripts & Codes
  • Themes & Plugins
  • Phone & Computer App

  • When you sell any of your items, you will earn 80% of your sales value, and you will get money directly to your PayPal account, it's easy!

    Do you need to know more ?

    If you need to know more, you can visit contact us page and leave a message, you will be answered in the next 24 hours.