Advertising Platform

With this script you can create your own Advertising Platform.


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User Demo url :
Admin demo url:
Username : [email protected]
Password : admin

As an owner you can decide :

Allow Both user types : Advertiser / Publisher and create an advertising platform
Allow only Advertisers and became a big Publisher
Allow only Publishers, and, be one of the biggest Advertisers!

Publisher Features :

Create Channels
Create Ads
Track Views / Clicks
Make Money by adding the code into their websites
and more…
Code example:

<script async src=""></script>
<!-- Campaign Name -->
<ins class="adsbynetwork" 

Advertiser Features :

Create Campaigns
Create Ads
Add money using paypal
and more…

Admin Features :

Manage Users
View Users Ads
Give money as bonus.
Get bonus back.
Disable Ads if is needed
View Reported Ads
View Statistics
Mark Withdrawals Requests As paid
Check users for click fraud
and more…
For buyers: Please read the documentation!
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V 1.5.0
  • Multiple language system [ received russian translation from : Complique ]
  • Fixed russian characters [ thanks to Complique that reported this, and also submited an fix ]
  • Automatically rotate ads if no ads that match your website content
  • A new links encoding method.